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Chrome query string

posted Apr 15, 2014, 12:43 PM by Brian Grenier
Spoiler: It was LASTPASS remembering the query.

Using the Chrome Browser and typing a search term into what is called the 'Omnibox' or what used to be the address bar, Chrome would open a box below the omnibox with a search term that I had used several days ago. The term was 'GPS'.  Always, it would do that; it would be a brief moment,my new terms would get searched, but the search woul revert to GPS and the results would be relevant to GPS.

At the Chrome Help, it was shown that Lastpass might cause this by having remembered the -q string. I looked up Lastpass Google site where the username was 'GPS'...I deleted that site with the result that searches are now without a persistant link to an old query.

I use Last pass as my password manager; Lastpass is very valuable to me.