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Image hard drive

posted Oct 9, 2014, 2:00 PM by Brian Grenier   [ updated May 22, 2017, 9:42 AM ]
Two image projects:

1. Used Macrim to make new image on a ASUS
Drive was near full and had drive error on C:, moved the big file w/ error to another drive then ran chkdsk C: /r (Note: At first there were I/O errors which were in a 'too big of a file' in the Inbox and chkdsk could not repair the bad sector.

2. Another computer, we installed a new Samsung drive in an enclosure. Ran WinPE software that Macrium made off the DVD drive and could then make a C: image to the external SSD, then switched the 2 drives, rebooted back to PE, copied the new image to the old drive and then restored the image to the new internal drive with Macrium Reflect.

3. Another image project was frustrating as the OS was 'not found'. Figuring the issue to be a boot sector problem and why isn't the MBR found, so researched how to make the newly restored Macrium reflect partition 'Active' to no avail. Answer was this machine is not using the older 'BIOS' but UEFI and the restore image was a GPT format and not a MBR. Checked settings in UEFI, then held Alt-F10, there was no menu screen as expected, but the machine booted right to the OS as this time it found the boot sector partition.